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Memories came flooding back to me of the horrible screaming matches my parents would get into, beeg porn the broken dishes, sometimes the furniture upturned, and me quaking in fear hiding in the closet in my bedroom hugging my teddy. Yes, I knew exactly what she was going through. Throughout the evening we talk,cried together, and even laughed. As I beeg.c recounted my own experiences and how I'd overcome them Melissa visibly relaxed. It was clear this venting and self disclosure for her was working. It certainly helped me. We also bonded in a very strong way. Nothing would be the same between us. I asked her what she wanted to do. I'd take wwwbeeg her home if she wanted or she could stay the beeg beeg night with me instead. I could phone and pretend to be the beeq.com mother of a friend, drive her home in the morning to change and take her on to school if she wished. Melissa jumped at the opportunity and beeg xnxx www.beeg com it was arranged. 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Dressing quickly I raced for my car and tore off at break neck speed not sure what to anticipate. beeg porn When I arrived there was a police car in bee the driveway and no sign of her parent's car. I hurried to the front beeg vids door to be greeted by a young woman police officer. Over her shoulder I could see Melissa being comforted by her partner, beeg black another woman. She seemed very kind and attentive. "What on hd beeg earth has happened?" I asked anxiously. "I'm afraid her parents have both been killed in a car accident tonight just a couple of miles from here. A single vehicle accident. Mr. Stuart appears to have lost control." She told me matter of factly. "I assume he was drunk, was he?" I said, the level of anger in my voice surprising me. "We don't know for sure yet but from what I hear probably. It's so sad isn't xxx beeg it?" beeg xvideos her demeanour breaking slightly. "Sarah!" I heard Melissa cry as she beeg xx ran into my arms and began sobbing. I held her tight indian beeg and rocked her not knowing yet what to say. beeg movies As beeg tubes I held her the officer explained that I had been the only one Melissa asked to call. I xnxx beeg told her that the Stuarts were new in town and probably didn't know beeg vids anyone and that www.beeg.com it was okay she called. I explained too that they had relatives back east but that they weren't close, his brother and sister. I told her I'd get contact information for her soon. As we talked a very pleasant older woman from Family Services arrived and introduced herself. I told her beegs who I was and that Melissa could stay with me until things got settled at least. She looked at my ID and wrote down the information she needed. then asked to www beeg com speak to Melissa in my presence. Being assured that Melissa anal beeg was in accord with these arrangements she beeg milf helped her gather some things together, beeq.com gave me her card and said she `d be in touch tomorrow. "Will you be able to cope, beeg com. do you think?" she asked me. "Because we milf beeg have plenty of help to offer both you and Melissa." I thanked her, grateful for her beeg .com offer, and gathered up poor Melissa and bundled her into my car. On beeg x the way home I could see that she was in shock, her eyes wide open staring at nothing. I said beeg/ what kind words I could www beeg but she didn't answer. The shock was beeeg hitting me too. Poor Melissa indeed. What are we to do? Thus began an entirely new chapter in our lives. EDUCATING MELISSA Chapter 2 Copyright 2010 by StarSapphire The next few weeks went by as a blur. It turned out Mr. Stuart had life insurance through his company for fifty beeg porche thousand dollars, doubling to one hundred because of his accidental death. I arranged for cremation and beeg.con a memorial beeg indian service, using беег the funds which had been beeg 4k put into the Stuart's estate. It was sparsely attended, mostly by people from Mr. Stuart's beeg free work place. An executor was appointed by the court and I, with the help of a lawyer. won temporary beeq.com guardianship of Melissa. Ms. Thackery, xnxx beeg the social worker free beeg beeg . I'd met the night of the accident, was a brick and helped us both through many obstacles. Melissa, of course, was in a state of shock through most of this. She remained off school and I arranged with my principal to take some leave to be with her. Any romantic feelings I had were put on hold as I helped Melissa cope with the new realities of her life. As the shock of her parent's death wore off she beeg tube became more and more afraid of what was to happen to her. It nearly broke my heart to watch her and I reassured beeg.coom her as best I could that I would let nothing bad happen and that she was safe with beeg sexxn me for now. As we talked Melissa began to be less afraid and became puzzled that she didn't seem to feel a lot of grief for www beeg her parents. She had been going to counselling and that was helping beeg porn videos but porno beeg I tried to be of what beeg com support I could as well. "Honey, this is maybe something you indian beeg should talk over with your counsellor but I know beeg hot at your age I really didn't have a lot of love for my parents. I mean they'd hardly been loving and their drinking had me in a state of shameful terror most of the time. One of the good things coming from this is you don't have to be afraid any more." "Oh my God," Melissa whispered. It looked like a light bulb had gone off. "Maybe I don't really love them that much and I've been feeling beeg ass so guilty for not feeling anything for them! I mean, it's okay if I don't? Is that what beeg black your saying?" "Oh Melissa, beeg xx that's exactly what I'm saying! Honey, you can feel, or not feel, anything you want." This seemed free beeg to be the turning point for her. From that day beeg .com on she began to return to normal but still she had that fear in the back of her mind about her future. I can't say I blamed her. Things were not yet settled and, although my lawyer was working on beeg . permanent legal guardianship, the outcome was not yet certain. In the meantime the executor www.beeg.com had wound up her parent's estate, fixing up and selling the house, and establishing a trust fund for Melissa that now amounted to nearly two hundred thousand dollars. This eased Melissa's mind a little but had me worrying about her aunt and uncle xxxbeeg back east. Fortunately her relatives were in no beeg tubes condition to take on a young twelve beeg porche year old girl and declined to take her in. I had thought that the lure of that trust fund might have made them think again but it turns out that their alcoholism was even worse than the Stuart's and no beeg videos court would award them custody I was assured by beeg hairy the ever helpful Ms. Thackery who seemed to be cheering on my application. I sighed a breath of relief as did Melissa as another fear lifted. The day finally came when I was appointed Melissa's permanent legal guardian and the .beeg last of her fears seemed to evaporate. To celebrate I invited my lawyer Jennifer and Sylvia Thacker out to a celebratory dinner with Melissa beeg/ It was a grand occasion complete with champagne and ginger ale. Melissa seemed ecstatic the whole evening and it beeg.com appeared as if her healing time was now over. I was so relieved. I watched as Melissa blossomed but so too did b eeg our romantic and sexual feelings. I wasn't beeg xx sure what to do. What if I made advances beeg sexxn and she beeg coom rejected me? It wasn't like she could just go home, she was home. The first thing I did free porn beeg to wwwbeeg help me cope with my beeh feelings was to have her transferred to a new school closer to my house. Melissa was happy enough to beeg anal comply although we missed each other in class, but my principal beeg..com thought it appropriate and I beegxx could only but agree. It did make my longings a little easier to bear. Melissa didn't help matters much. The new wardrobe I'd bought her made her beeg-com all the more sexy and she was quick to flaunt herself off to me any chance beeg.com/ she got. She would snuggle extra close while we watched movies and her touching and hugging increased and intensified. She was clearly sending me all the right signals but still I held back. I was just too afraid at this point to make a move. Clearly Melissa was taking the initiative which astonished me. 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